He works well with others, brings a high level of expertise and integrity to everything he does, is reliable, energetic, generous and fun to have around.
Maurice Sendak
futureHistory is a photography business run by Harrison Judd, a Connecticut native whose goal is to use art & technology to merge the historic past and the unknown future into the dynamic now.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows, as well as public art projects. He has worked with newspapers, ad agencies, museums and artists - including 16 years as the photographer and archivist for Maurice Sendak, author and illustrator of the children's book Where the Wild Things Are.

Clients have included the NFL, Lucie Arnaz, The City of New Haven, Atlanta Jewish Museum and Southern CT Gas.

Recently, he won a CT Main Street Award for End of an Era,* and his work was chosen as the inaugural exhibition** at ECSU's new Fine Arts Center.

Harrison loves home renovation, mythology and sitcoms.
He knows the meaning of deadlines and works well under pressure.
Director, Wooster Art Center
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futureHistory360 is centrally located between Hartford, New Haven, Springfield & Providence - the core area served.

When the number of tours equals the number indicated on the map, the service area expands as indicated. Alternately a small travel fee can be added.

Travel outside this area is offered for special or larger projects.

Please call or email with questions or to discuss your needs.
Core Service Area
* End of an Era is a collection of large scale photographs commemorating the last American Thread Mills smokestack in Windham, Connecticut.

Click here to download a PDF catalog of the End of an Era exhibition
** in Place, in Time, rediscovering the work of J. Alden Weir is an exhibition celebrating the timeless parallels between contemporary and historical art making, demonstrating a shared aesthetic with the famous American Impressionist and Windham resident J. Alden Weir. A Connecticut National Park dedicated to his life and work is the only one of it's kind in the country.

Click here to download a PDF catalog of the in Place, in Time exhibition
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