...brings a high level of expertise and integrity to everything he does…
Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak in his studio

Photo: Harrison Judd

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Harrison, photographer and digital archivist who has worked with me since 1998. During that time, I have come to know him to be an individual of integrity, honesty and talent.  During his employment in my household, Harrison has been in charge of a variety of creative and technical tasks, most significantly the photographing, scanning, organizing and archiving of both my art collection and my own artwork. He has created a digital database that is used for many different purposes, from locating specific pieces within the household to interfacing with museums, such as the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, the Atlanta Jewish Museum, and professional appraisers of my art collection.

His responsibilities include physical as well as digital archiving. He has helped to preserve many of the objects stored here, protecting them, cataloging them and adding them to the growing database of over 10,000 pieces.

Since I have known him, Harrison has distinguished himself as a talented, technically expert artist, photographer and archivist. In addition to creating the database, his responsibilities have included photography for Tony Kushner’s recent book
The Art of Maurice Sendak, and photographs of my work for the Atlanta Jewish Museum’s traveling exhibition, for which his digital prints were used in place of my original artwork. Harrison has provided photographs and scans of my work for television backdrops, posters, such as the New York Annual Book Festival and image projections providing the backdrop for the NYC 92nd St. Y’s celebration of my 80th birthday. His portrait of me was also used in a in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, and he provided countless images and resources for the movie of Where the Wild Things Are.

These activities are a testimony not only to Harrison’s skill in achieving precise color and detail, but also to the careful attention he pays to the work, which results in wonderfully accurate representations of my illustrations.

Working with me involves interfacing with a large and varied group of staff, assistants, artists and friends. My home studio is first and foremost just that - a home, and it is essential that those in my employ successfully negotiate a wide range of personal and professional interactions. Harrison has done this respectfully and skillfully from the very beginning of our relationship. He can be trusted with the most delicate and valuable of objects and egos. He works well with others, brings a high level of expertise and integrity to everything he does, is reliable, energetic, generous and fun to have around.

Harrison’s love of art, philosophy and literature has been an important point of connection between us. His sense of humor is insightful and irreverent, his personality fundamentally kind and loving. He is a dedicated artist, seldom seeking center stage, but simply offering his unique photographic vision of beauty in the everyday world to those who choose to look.

Harrison Judd is a trusted member of my household. He is also my friend. I wish him well in all his endeavors and give him my highest recommendation.

Maurice Sendak